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Financial Health Network
Data Maps
Cisco Data Maps
Re-thinking how to represent data privacy, we helped Cisco go from text-based privacy data sheets to fully-visual maps to showcase data flow and usage in their products. By utilizing a visual format, we open another avenue for creating transparent data practices that will be more accessible and understandable to a wider variety of audiences, without the need for technical jargon. To facilitate scaling the process, we also created a custom Data Map Tool software that can ingest data from existing privacy data sheets to create an initial Data Map.
Data Curious
Data Curious
We manage Data Curious, a website to help people ask questions and learn more about their data. We provide straight-forward answers that challenge people to have higher expectations of organizations and companies that use their data. Data Curious will be more than a question and answer site. It will help individuals ask the right questions, understand the answers, and be empowered to do something about it.
Intel + UC Berkeley Smartphone Study
Determining people's privacy preferences, and habits, one smartphone at a time. We recruited Android smartphone users to go about their daily routine with a test phone running a modified Android OS to track and collect data on not only the users' daily actions, but the behaviors of the apps themselves. The modified OS contained a custom permission settings feature; users were allowed to change this setting and interact with it throughout the testing period. By analyzing how users interacted with these permission settings, we gained valuable insight on not only how to create a better permissions system, but users’ attitudes and thoughts on app permission and privacy.
Deidentification Research
Analyze deidentified datasets by simulating “motivated intruder attacks” to test the effectiveness of the anonymization techniques. We work hand-in-hand with the users of the data so as to best tailor the deidentification practices to reduce the risk of re-identification, while maintaining as much of the data use as possible.
Privacy by Design
Integrating Privacy by Design
Work with Rangle.io to integrate holistic privacy awareness into their design and workflow processes; showcasing that responsible design doesn't have to be a checklist or just a generic privacy policy.